Have fun, learn something and give back to the planet.

An Otter Planet is a sci-fi multiplayer online game set in a parallel universe where otters are the dominant species. After reaching the technological capabilities of faster than light travel, they begin colonizing the galaxy, choosing to leave a severely compromised planet Earth.

As the player, you are the mind and master of a restoration spacecraft— your mobile home and creative laboratory. Flying through the galaxy as an otter intern, you’ll dodge asteroids and environmental space debris from human missions to space, while collecting water resources and building new skill sets for larger, more complex missions.


Why Otters?


Compact, powerful, intelligent, sensitive, creative and playful.


Capable of negotiating land, water and obstacles with great facility.


Can survive hostile environments such as under ice, hot water, raging seas and even urban environment.

Source:  A Dossier on Lutra (The Otter), Central Intelligence Agency’s project on MKUltra

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